We Love Crosby's!

Our Associates Share the Love With a Smile!

Team members throughout our Crosby’s stores love what they do for their fellow associates and for our customers.  We hope your Crosby’s experience adds a smile to your day too!

"Being able to bring a smile to a customer's face not only adds a smile to their day, but mine as well! I enjoy knowing I made someone laugh and feel better for just a moment during their day...and each guest is a new opportunity to do that."
Team Leader, Crosby's
South Bradford, PA
"I'm so incredibly proud to be part of the Crosby's family, especially when Mother Nature returns to WNY and NWPA and our dedicated team members are there for our customers who have nowhere else to turn for food, fuel and friendly faces. That's when I think, "Wow, I love Crosby's."
Crosby's - Lockport, NY
"What I love most about Crosby's is the incredible family atmosphere and always feeling like a valued part of a team. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive across the entire organization. It's easy to smile when you love the company you work for and the people you work with!"
Crosby's - Lockport, NY
“This is the first company I have worked for that a supervisor has mentioned that if I study hard in school and achieve my degree and work my way up the chain of command there may be opportunities on the corporate side of things when the time comes. This company really shows their employees how much they care!”
Assistant Team Leader
Crosby's - Cuba, NY
“This is the best company I’ve worked for. It’s very personable and I feel seen.” “It’s a good environment – boss is awesome – love the customers”
Crosby's Associate Thoughts
“This is the first company that I have worked for that has pushed me towards my potential and where the higher ups are involved for more than just their benefit. I feel that they actually care”
Crosby's Associate
Reaching Your Potential
“I love it here – Love the environment – the fast pace – the customers”
Crosby's Associate
Loving the Fast Pace & Customers
“I’m a people person. I love helping people, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”
Crosby's Associate
Loves Helping People
“I enjoy it. Its probably one of my best jobs. Fast paced, and I enjoy working with food and seeing the customers. I like the people I work with.”
Crosby's Associate
"One of My Best Jobs"
“My favorite job I’ve had. The people I work with are awesome and I have a good Team Leader. I wouldn’t change anything”
Crosby's Associate
"My Favorite Job I've Had"
“I’ve been here for 3 weeks, and I feel like I know the store and company already. I’m happy. I like the customers and want nothing else."
Crosby's Associate
"I'm Happy...Want Nothing Else"